Development and manufacture of composite
materials, parts and semi-finished products

CBG Composites GmbH develops innovative composite products and materials for various industries. The uniqueness of these sandwich composite panels lies in the fact that the materials used absorb the heat energy. The design of the composite panel is based on an endothermic matrix. The fire acting on the matrix leads to a chemical reaction that absorbs thermal energy. This reduces the temperature once and slows growth. All this increases the protection of the thermal barrier layer against the harmful effects of high temperatures. Thanks to its multi-layer structure, the panel effectively prevents the spread of fire and smoke in the event of a fire. This construction has passed all necessary certification tests for non-combustibility and fire resistance.

 Lightness, strength and stability of these products and materials make it possible to successfully apply them in various industries.

With our production capabilities, well-established technologies and strategic partnership with manufacturing enterprises, CBG Composites is a reliable partner at all stages from development to serial production.

We are located in the city of Wipperfürth, Germany.


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